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  • Do you want to manage business risk
    and improve business performance?

    Take our 10 question business improvement survey and receive your business risk scorecard with key insights on your business within minutes.

    • Identify and reduce business risk
    • Improve business performance, and
    • Grow business value
  • Do you qualify for any
    Government Grants or Incentives?
    • Receive a complimentary Grant Eligibility Assessment
    • Be guided through the Grant and Incentive application process
    • Be supported to maximise business growth when using the Grant
  • Do you want to
    improve your cashflow?
    • Build a framework to have reliable monthly cashflow forecasts
    • Develop a best practice debtors collection process
    • Identify then measure leading indicators to revenue
  • Do you want to maximise the after tax
    proceeds of your business sale?
    • Receive a complimentary Tax Consulting Evaluation
    • Learn how to structure asset ownership, contracts and timelines to reduce tax
    • Understand tax implications for buyers and sellers to get the deal done
  • Do you want to assess the financial viability of
    business expansion initiatives?
    • Model the cashflow and profitability impacts of investment or expansion decisions
    • Understand the drivers of your business profitability
    • Identify leading indicators then set benchmarks to focus upon to improve profits
  • Is your business investment ready
    for growth or succession?
    • Tax effectively clean your balance sheet so it’s clear of personal assets
    • Establish prudent corporate governance frameworks to build future investor confidence
    • Value your business and determine areas of focus that can enhance value
  • Are you optimising all legitimate tax minimisation
    strategies in financial year end tax planning?
    • Forecast your business year end position
    • Consider a range of proactive wealth creation and tax minimisation strategies
    • Understand your tax obligations early so you can plan to fund them over time
  • Have you documented the
    strategic plan for your business?
    • Ensure business partners agree on the future direction of the business
    • Plan for future growth requirements
    • Prioritise an action plan that will help you progress towards agreed business goals
  • Do you need a
    Commercial Audit?
    • Get direct access to your Director and Senior Manager
    • Receive a solutions focused approach with recommendations that add real value
    • Be informed throughout, ensuring there are 'no surprises'


Hanrick Curran is a leading independent multi-disciplined firm of Accountants and Strategists. As a firm with over 30 years of experience and expertise in a range of services including International Tax, Corporate Finance, Superannuation and more, we are well placed to support and advise companies and individuals around Australia.

Satisfied Clients

  • "From the moment we engaged Hanrick Curran, they took the time to understand what was important to us, were genuinely interested in our business and promptly delivered what they promised. Their expertise in dealing with the VET Fee Application and experience in other audit requirements was invaluable and I would highly recommend their services to other educational organisations."

    Marcus Hogan, The Actors Conservatory

  • "Hanrick Curran have been providing Audit and HR Consulting Services to us for over 10 years. I have found them to consistently deliver exceptional professional services that are both timely and value-for-money. They take the time to really understand our business and go above and beyond to add value. They are an important partner for our organisation and have played a substantial role in helping us achieve our objectives. I would highly recommend their appointment for specialist HR and Audit Services."

    Mark Radford, CEO, Queensland Eye Institute

  • "Hanrick Curran approaches our Audit with a view to add value during the process. Within their Audit framework, they conduct a comprehensive internal control review which, when initially performed following their original appointment, gleaned valuable insights for the Board. By reengineering our internal reporting processes, we were able to reduce the costs associated with producing timely, accurate internal reporting and deliver it going forward in a more robust transparent framework."

    Brett Webster, Headmaster, Ormiston College

  • "I am a regular donor to the Cancer Council and decided that as a result of the excellent work they do, I wanted to plan to include them as a beneficiary in my Estate. When I mentioned this to them they alerted me to the taxation complexities to be aware of that could be minimised with early planning and referred me to the Tax Partner at Hanrick Curran, Jamie Towers."

    John L Mayo

  • "As a long time Diamond Partner with the Queensland Hotels Association, Hanrick Curran has established a strong and enviable reputation for practical, friendly and business-savvy accounting and management services within the hotel industry. Peter Maletz and the team have the knowledge and experience to meet any accounting or financial administration challenge, and they simply know how the licensed industry operates. I am pleased to be able to strongly endorse their people, their services and their approach."

    Justin O'Connor, Chief Executive, Queensland Hotels Association

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The personalised service you expect

Our skilled team comprises top Brisbane accounting professionals, all dedicated to offering individually tailored, strategic accounting solutions and advice to our clients

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  • Do you qualify for any Government Grants or Incentives?