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bar-209148_1280The pun is intended, and reflects a real push within our clients and the industry more generally for the adoption of technology.  But what are the advantages and disadvantages of adopting technology? How does it impact upon the very basis of our industry – people?

For some time now we have been assisting clients to transition their accounting packages into “The Cloud”. The Cloud has become a euphemism for putting things online and the advantages of having a common source of truth for both us as advisers, and you as hotel owners, results in our ability to provide faster response, more reliable data, and ultimately better assistance to you.

The Cloud also opens up possibilities for integration with other technology such as point of sale, cash handling and staff scheduling. The Cloud is the conduit though which the information flows reducing or eliminating data entry and saving administration time in your back office.

For example, the point of sale system captures the purchases according to stock item immediately capturing the cost of inventory. The register, linked to point of sale, records the sale of individual stock item. Staff equipped with iPads take orders which automatically generate the order check in the kitchen, reducing errors and customer disputes, providing up-selling prompts and specials details.

The staff rosters are emailed to staff, and important messages delivered via text. Budgeted staff hours against actual staff allocations are all integrated with electronic time attendance into the general ledger, eliminating time consuming timesheet entry and reconciliation. This also minimises missing timesheets, and time attendance errors.

Cash handling is reduced through on-site recycling of cash floats and automatic counting of tills at end of shift/end of day. All achieved in a secure environment with audit trails and individual staff accountability.

Online staff induction provides the audit trail for verification of knowledge of procedures and policies which can be vital in Fair Work situations. Online police checks (such as assist with vetting of staff candidates.

While not an exhaustive list, the above represent just some of the opportunities technology provides in improving hotel processes and reducing costs.

Clive Johnson, owner of the award winning PA Hotel is a big advocate of technology in hotels. He estimates that through technology and automation, the pay back on these investments alone at less than 12 months through direct savings in wages and other efficiencies.

Hanrick Curran work with clients and many vendors and solution providers to assist you to realise the potential of technology in your venue. The only constant is change and we can help you grasp the opportunities that change brings.