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Hanrick Curran have been supporting SME business owners for almost 30 years. So we understand that your world is complex and most of your energy is expended by working in your business, keeping up to date with administration, staff needs and filling the sales pipeline to achieve revenue targets for next month or next year.

This daily activity leaves very little time to step off the dance floor and get up onto the balcony to have a good look at what you're doing, which direction that's taking you and whether that is really where you want to go in the future.

Having a goal and a plan to refer back to, with a list of initiatives you can implement to improve business value, provides clear strategic direction for a business owner and keeps you and your team on track.

At Hanrick Curran we find that a lot of SME business owners find it difficult to get into the right 'head space' to do their all important strategic planning.  As a consequence, they waste a lot of precious time.  Jumping from the micro detail to the macro planning is not an easy transition for most, but help is available.

In the recent Australian Small Business Survey, MYOB asked SME owners what type of advice they would like to see from their accountant that they're not currently receiving.  The top 6 responses given were:

  • Future planning
  • Business analysis & interpretation
  • Investment advice
  • Raising finance
  • Tax Planning
  • Succession / exit planning

To answer this business need, Hanrick Curran offers an independent Business Improvement Consulting service to provide business support or coaching to SME business owners to progress towards achieving their future goals.

Our service is fully tailored to complement your business and planning skills and to support you in setting, implementing and monitoring the success of your business strategy.  With some specialist collaboration, you will be amazed at how quickly you're able to pinpoint the high priority areas that have a high impact on business profitability and therefore business value.

The specialist Business Improvement Services you can benefit from with Hanrick Curran include:

  • A needs analysis – to identify high priority areas of concern that require attention.
  • Financial analysis and modelling – to understand what drives your business profitability and to model the cash flow and profitability impact of making certain changes to the business.
  • Business Planning – to facilitate a collaborative workshop to engage key staff and owners and help define the Firm's vision, and support developing a business plan.
  • Finance Facility review – assess the terms and structure of your bank funding arrangements now and your needs in the future, and to renegotiate facilities if the opportunity exists.
  • Desktop valuation – to assess business value today and provide a basis for measuring it in the future to monitor success.
  • Succession planning – preparing your business for eventual sale or transition to optimise future business value.  Some things can take years to put in place so it is never too early to start.

Take the first step to improving the value of your business by calling Matthew Beasley at Hanrick Curran on 3218 3900 to request a complimentary Business Needs Assessment.