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bigstock-Close-up-image-of-an-office-wo-41874253We recently conducted a Client Survey to assist us to continue to evolve and respond to our client needs as we have strived to do over our 30 year history.  In times of rapid technological change we are focussed more than ever on adapting the way we do business to remain in a proactive position to support our clients in these dynamic business conditions.


We are pleased to report some very positive feedback regarding a number of key metrics we wanted to independently measure.  In summary, 95% of our clients said we provide good client service and they feel valued, 98% indicated they were confident in the technical reliability of the advice they received and 97% said that overall they were satisfied with the services and support they were provided. The full results can be viewed here.


We also took the opportunity to find out the key areas of support our clients anticipate needing assistance with in the future. Interestingly, the top 5 areas were:

  • Succession Planning: developing and quantifying a plan to tax effectively transition wealth out of the business and into assets that will generate an income stream in retirement.
  • Business goal setting: determining 3 – 5 year business goals
  • Business Value Assessment: understanding the value of the business and key drivers impacting value
  • Budgets, Cashflow, Forecasts: quantifying outcomes from key changes to key financial metrics and laying plans for the next financial period.
  • SMSF Set Up: understanding the options and suitability of building wealth in a SMSF.


As we approach year end planning, it is timely for all clients to consider how they are placed in several of these discrete advice areas. Whilst the key messages from our clients were very positive in the survey, we remain focussed on guiding, supporting and challenging our clients to build and maintain robust businesses to create wealth for their future.  Please speak with your usual Hanrick Curran adviser to discuss your future advice needs.


Please note that this publication is intended to provide a general summary and should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal advice.