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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Future Events (Dates to be confirmed)

Innovation Agenda Information – Improving the business environment
Date to be confirmed - click here to register your interest

Recently held Events

Hills Chamber of Commerce - SME Insights Presentation. Click here for key highlights and presentation.

How SME's can prosper in the Digital Age. Click here to view presentation.

Young Professionals Networking Event with dual Olympian, Ash Southern

Lessons Learned from Qld Success Stories with John Wagner, John Sharpe and Allan Todd. Click here for key highlights.

Shark Tank Uncensored with special guests Dr Glen Richards, Steve Baxter and Wayne Gerard. Click here for an event summary

PNG Delegation - Q&A Breakfast with Paul White, Broncos CEO and Assessing Start-up Success Workshop. Click here for event highlights.

Pre Financial Year End and Post Budget Update

Financial Modelling for New Accounting Standards

7 Steps to Assessing Start-up Success Webinar – Click here

Governance Evolution Future Trends – What’s the impact? – Click here to view key highlights, presenter information and photos.

Pre Financial Year & Post Budget Update Event - Click here to view resources

Financial Modelling Event – Precision & Accuracy in Big Data Modelling

First Steps to Accessing Global Markets – Click here to view key highlights, the presentation recording and specialist resources.

Election Year Political Preview – Information Session. Click here for a summary of key highlights and presenter information.

SME Association Networking event - Linkup and Learn "Getting Social" Click here to watch video

SME Association Networking event – 5 steps to a better business outcome. Click here to watch the video

Financial Modelling in Excel - Networking Event

Pre Financial Year End & Post Budget Update - click here to view presentation

Global Investment Market Update by UBS - click here to request an information pack

SME Networking Event - are you eligible for grants? - click here to watch video

All you need to know about SMSF – click here to access the session recording

Demystifying Aged Care Planning – click here to access the session recording

Speed Dating with a NFP Specialist – click here to access the session recording