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Discover Coud Solutions

Hanrick Curran Cloud Solutions can unlock efficiencies in your business. By leveraging technology we can take the burden out of managing incoming and outgoing payments, quickly identify discrepancies, trends and sudden changes in your business and look after your day to day compliance.

Construction Industry Reporting Changes

The QBCC have recently announced changes to construction industry reporting. Matthew Green, Audit Partner discusses the changes and impact they will have on all construction companies registered with the QBCC.

Financial insights to support business success

At Hanrick Curran we understand being a business owner can be tough. Utilising management reporting tools and resources can help business owners stay in control, informed and focused. Hanrick Curran Partner, Matthew Beasley, discusses how he has worked with his clients using Management Reporting to enhance their success and take the burden out of running a business.

Testimonial - Bernie Hogan from QHA

Hanrick Curran is a proud partner of the Queensland Hospitality Association.

Tax Time Tip with Chris Wemyss

The end of financial year is a perfect time to evaluate what factors will help your business perform better in the new financial year. Find out more in our final Tax Tip video, reviewing the key drivers of your business with Chris Wemyss.

Tax Time Tip with Scott Hutton

With the end of financial year around the corner its time to reflect on the year that was and start planning ahead! Find out more in our fourth Tax Tip video, planning for the future with Scott Hutton.

Hanrick Curran Tax Tips - Tim Taylor

Do you understand trust deeds and what you need to be aware of? Find out more in this Tax Tip video, understanding trust deeds with Tim Taylor.

Hanrick Curran Tax Tip - Nathanael Lee

Having the right business structure can provide you with many benefits. Find out more in the this Tax Tip video, reviewing your business structure with Nathanael Lee.

Angela Winton - Director

Angela Winton, Director of the Consulting Division, is a Finalist in the Executive of the Year category at the AccountantsDaily Australian Accounting Awards 2017. Angela works alongside Hanrick Curran's clients to develop a financial blueprint for their future businesses and owners

Hanrick Curran - Accountants Strategists

Hanrick Curran are a business that provides professional Accounting Strategies with the support of large team of experts. In this segment, they talk about what sets them apart from other firms and we hear their clients talk about the experience working with Hanrick Curran.

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism - Hanrick Curran

Bernie Hogan (Chief Executive of the Queensland Hotels Association) Brendan Powers (CEO of HIA) talk about their partnerships with Hanrick Curran and the value of the Firms commitment shown in the longstanding relationships.

Jamie Towers - Partner

Jamie Towers is a Tax Partner with Hanrick Curran, also leading the Asian Business Services division. He talks about his focus on International Business and how he fosters growth within his clients businesses.

Clive Todd - Partner

Clive Todd is the Superannuation Partner at Hanrick Curran, overseeing the team that looks after Self-managed Superannuation and other superannuation related activities. He talks about his core focus with superannuation how it benefits his clients and the business.

Tim Taylor - Partner

Tim Taylor is a Partner at Hanrick Curran in the Business Services area. He talks about his specialities and his history working at Hanrick Curran.

Matthew Green - Partner

Matthew Green is an Audit Partner at Hanrick Curran. He talks about the experience of the Team, the high level of communication between their auditors and clients and the accessibility of personalised problem solving.

Hospitality Institute Australasia - Testimonial

Hospitality Institute Australasia (HIA) is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in the training of Hospitality staff in Queensland and also around Australia.

Dental Members Australia - Testimonial

Safa Souzani (Director of Dental Members Australia) talks about his 18+ year relationship with Hanrick Curran and how he attributes his success to the long standing relationship with them.

Hanrick Curran - Experience. New Thinking.

Hanrick Curran is a leading independent multi-disciplined firm of Chartered Accountants with over 30 years of experience and expertise in a range of services including International Tax, Corporate Finance, Superannuation and more.

Superannuation Reform 2017 - interview with Clive Todd

Our superannuation partner Clive Todd suggests how to prepare for the upcoming changes to super, taking effect on 1st July 2017.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Testimonial

Need confidence to make a change? Hanrick Curran has you covered, offering more than just an audit service for your company. Here is Helen Frayne explaining how we were able to help Muscular Dystrophy Queensland with their transition into the business world.

Important Tax Issues Foreign Companies Need to Consider Before Assigning Staff to Australia

Hanrick Curran’s International Tax Partner, Jamie Towers, explains some of the tax issues to consider when assigning staff to Australia, including fringe benefits tax and why the assignee's visa type will have tax implications.

Expatriates in Australia - Can a Foreign Worker Enjoy a Special Tax Regime?

Tax expert & global mobility specialist, Jamie Towers of Hanrick Curran, explains factors that enable expatriates on temporary visas to enjoy a special tax regime in Australia.

Australian Company Operating Internationally: Where Will Tax Be Paid?

Jamie Towers, international tax advisor at Hanrick Curran (Alliott Group) in Brisbane explains the permanent establishment rules and how Australian companies with international operations are taxed.

Australian Companies With Foreign Income: Repatriation of Profits

Australian tax advisor Jamie Towers of Hanrick Curran (Alliott Group) explains importance of structure and financing considerations in repatriating foreign profits back to Australia.

Hanrick Curran Superannuation Presentation

The most substantial changes to the superannuation rules in a decade were passed in November 2016. Learn more about these changes by reviewing a Superannuation Update Presentation by Hanrick Curran Partner Clive Todd.

Hanrick Curran wish you a Merry Christmas

We hope you have a Safe and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support throughout 2016

7 Steps to Assessing Start-Up Success

The 7 step guide to assessing start-up success helps entrepreneurs quality their ideas and quickly identify the ‘diamonds in the rough’.

Tax Time Tip with Partner, Jamie Towers

Tax Partner, Jamie Towers, shares why it’s important to seek quality advice from an expert before entering a transaction.

Tax Time Tip with Partner, Tim Taylor

Partner, Tim Taylor highlights the need to stop, reflect, define your goal and develop a blueprint to capitalise on opportunities and secure your financial future for the year ahead.

Tax Time Tip with Angela Winton

Angela Winton shares her top tip to achieving more this financial year. Angie encourages clients to exhale, reflect and make a pact with your HC advisor to achieve key objectives in the year ahead.

An introduction to Hanrick Curran

The firm is celebrating 30 years of delivering Accounting and Consulting services that support the growth and success of our clients in 2014-15. Partner, Mark Sheridan, provides an overview of our service offering, our specialisations across a number of industries and our international reach through the Alliott Group. He also invites you to take a tour of our Brisbane CBD offices.


Business owners typically want control of their investments whilst maximising access to their wealth and legally minimising tax. Our Superannuation division is able to provide tailored specialist advice to assist Business Owners to make the most of the wealth they have accumulated in anticipation of retirement. Partner, Clive Todd leads the Hanrick Curran Superannuation division, is a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund specialist and is SPAA accredited. Clive worked alongside Former Partner, Chris Campbell, who features in this recording.

Client Satisfaction Survey 2015

Thank you to all that participated in our 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Hanrick Curran Office Tour

Take a tour of Hanrick Curran's Brisbane CBD offices and meet Jamie Towers, the Head of our Asian Business Services Division, subtitled in Mandarin. This clip has been subtitled in Mandarin to assist our Asian clients to build a deeper understanding of our Firm’s capability and capacity to support expansion and investment in Queensland.

First Steps to Accessing Global Markets

Barriers to doing business globally are reducing by the day. Are you interested to explore the potential of global markets to grow your business? We hosted an event for business owners in March 2016 who were interested to learn about what’s involved in exporting goods and services, which organisations could help along the way and an efficient approach to get started or get serious.

Speed Dating with Not for Profit Specialist

Not for Profit experts within Hanrick Curran teamed up with other corporations with a specialisation in the NFP sector to bring Charities and Associations information to reduce tax and risk, increase revenue opportunities and improve governance. View the recording to hear some short sharp insights to apply in a NFP organisation.

5 steps to a better business outcome

Better business outcomes can be achieved by following 5 steps. Having a plan to improve your results will substantially increase your likelihood of greater success. However, planning, measuring and implementing is a big ask for a busy growing business, so contact your Hanrick Curran adviser for assistance.

Demystifying Aged Care Planning

This presentation provides practical insights to break down the complexity of Aged Care including what you need to consider now so you or your aging parents are not caught out with little or no options in the future. You'll find out what the key issues are that can influence an increase or reduction in Aged Care fees and the next steps to optimise cash flow, reduce tax and preserve the wealth of loved ones.

The power of good advice

Hanrick Curran have been supporting business owners to achieve greater success for over 30 years. Good business advice today must be forward thinking and not constrained by a focus on history. Business planning, goal setting, opportunity and risk assessment and the subsequent actions are critical for business owners to do on a regular basis, Hanrick Curran advisers are with you every step of the way.

Top 5 Practice Management Tips to consider

Hanrick Curran is proud of our involvement with the Bar Association of Queensland. We regularly deliver professional development courses including a Practice Management session to Solicitors undertaking the Bar Practice Course including some practical Practice Management tips before embarking on a career at the Bar. We deliver the Federal Budget Tax Briefing in May each year including pre-financial year end activities worthy of consideration.

Jamie Towers, Partner

Jamie Towers is the Tax Partner in Hanrick Curran and provides value-for-money, high quality technical tax advice that is easily understood by family business owners. The Small Business CGT concession is regular area of focus for family business clients. Restructuring wealth holdings to qualify for this concession could save business owners millions.

Tim Taylor, Partner

Tim Taylor, a Partner of Hanrick Curran, specialises in Business Advisory for Professionals including Medical specialists, Optometrists, Dentists, Legal practitioners including Barristers, Property specialists including engineers, consultants and developers on projects up to $20mil in capital value. He has a reputation for "making things happen".