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International Business

Hanrick Curran looks after many Australian clients with investments and business interests outside of Australia. We also have international clients with investments or business interests in Australia.

Our international client interests are varied and are in locations such as:


New Zealand
Papua New Guinea


Hong Kong


South Africa
South America
United Kingdom
United States

We are experienced in assisting Australian clients to structure the expansion of their business overseas.  International structuring requires a lot of consideration and input from various parties. Thought needs to be given to commercial, tax and legal considerations in Australia and overseas and very importantly, the cash flows between the countries.

We have developed and listed a series of resources to assist Australian businesses exporting their products, services and know-how out of Australia. The export resources can be found in the Resources tab below.

As a member of the Alliott Group (an international affiliation of accountants and lawyers), Hanrick Curran can help coordinate all relevant advisors to ensure an efficient international business structure can be implemented. In October 2016, Alliott Group were awarded the prestigious award of Rising Star Association of the Year from The Accountant/International Accounting Bulletin recognising their growth and international support offered to their members.

International tax structuring involves consideration of many different aspects including Controlled Foreign Company (CFC), Active Foreign Company capital gain exemption, thin capitalization, transfer pricing and withholding tax.  As these rules are quite complex it is essential that specialist advice is sought to optimise tax savings.

We have many staff members who are multi-lingual and have found this can be of great assistance for clients when explaining technical cross border structuring issues.