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International Reach


Hanrick Curran - Servicing the Pacific Region

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Hanrick Curran prides itself on continuing to evolve and grow as our clients do. Over the last 30 years we have developed a strong network of international capabilities to support our clients as their businesses expand into global markets and as foreign investors are attracted to doing business in Australia.

We are pleased to offer our clients access to:

an international network of 170 member firms covering over 70 countries to support legal and accounting needs in international jurisdictions, through our membership of Alliott Group Hanrick Curran Partner, Jamie Towers, is an executive on the Alliott Group Board and Chairman for the Asia Pacific region.

- international connections to develop cross border trade opportunities through our Corporate Partnership with Commonwealth Trade Initiative.

- support to successfully exporting products and services into the government and private enterprises in our developing trading partner PNG.

- a dedicated Asian Business Team to support individuals, private companies and state owned enterprises originating from the Greater China region to successfully do business in Queensland.


Australian Company Operating Internationally: Where Will Tax Be Paid?

Jamie Towers, international tax advisor at Hanrick Curran (Alliott Group) in Brisbane explains the permanent establishment rules and how Australian companies with international operations are taxed.

Australian Companies With Foreign Income: Repatriation of Profits

Australian tax advisor Jamie Towers of Hanrick Curran (Alliott Group) explains importance of structure and financing considerations in repatriating foreign profits back to Australia.

Global Exposure To Inheritance Tax

Hanrick Curran clients who receive inheritances on foreign assets may be exposed to inheritance tax on those assets. Alliott Group experts in Ken Miles from Los Angeles, David Gibbs from London and Ralph Blaes from Berlin discuss with Elisha Saar from Israel the local and global exposure to inheritance tax in their countries.
This interview uncovers the exemptions in those countries and explores legal ways to avoid such a tax.