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HANRICK CURRAN JOINS INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING GROUP MAZARS Hanrick Curran is pleased to announce that as of 1 January 2019, we have changed our name to Mazars and have become part of the international accounting group. Mazars is a well-established accounting and legal services firm with a presence in almost 100 countries.  The opportunity with Mazars allows us to maintain our personal connection with our clients, while expanding the range of services we can provide. Being
Important Dates to remember in the New Year It’s that time of year when many Queensland businesses close or scale down to minimum staff over the Festive Season giving business owners and staff a well-deserved break. If your business is closing over this period, before you ‘switch off’ and unwind, it’s worth looking beyond the festive season to check you have plans to in place to address a few key due dates that will come
Changes to flexible work legislation from 1 December 2018 There has been a concerted effort to increase employee entitlements to work flexibly. The Fair Work Commission has confirmed that the new model Award term requires employers to make a genuine attempt to reach agreement on requests for flexible work arrangements and provide detailed reasons for refusals commenced on 1 December 2018.  The Award clauses are intended to work in conjunction with section 65 of the
Supporting Small Business with the Entrepreneurs Grant Business owners who are a few years into your entrepreneurial journey may notice the business starting to morph into something different from your original business plans.  Whether it be different/expanded services, markets, brand positioning, delivery mechanisms, a lot can change when you are nimble and responsive to market feedback.  When you find yourself at this juncture, taking time out to reset your strategic plan is a valuable exercise
7 Tips to a Successful Christmas Party The festive season is almost upon us and the most anticipated staff event of the year looming. Staff and business owners alike are all looking for a successful party but what does a successful Christmas Party really look like? For staff it might be to let their hair down, connect socially with their colleagues and score a decent secret Santa gift. On the flip slide the business owner