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Are you ready to buy, sell, acquire, refinance or simply want to get the most from your business?

Using our ready to (R2) critical financial analysis and modelling tool, we can provide you with invaluable insight to achieve optimum results from your business.

Laying out the good, the bad and the downright ugly about your business, our R2 package not only reflects how your business is looking now but how it could look in the future. It assists you to understand what drives your business, and identify your problem areas.

Using the same tool the major banks have adopted, we can perform a financial health-check of five key aspects of your business:
1. Profit
2. Balance Sheet & Working Capital
3. Cash Flow
4. Return on Assets & Investments
5. Funding Needs

After conducting a health check we are able to carefully monitor your financial institution's debt covenants including Interest Cover and Debt Service Cover.

Using the R2 What if and goal seeking function we can explore how your business could look in the future applying various business decisions, set financial goals and see the financial impact of your business decisions before you make them.

Ideal for bank reviews, new finance applications or due diligence testing for new business acquisitions, R2 provides you with vital financial data, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your businesses operational performance and the power to plan and implement business changes while measuring their success.

For more details about our R2 package please contact your Hanrick Curran advisor.