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Social Media Policy

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Hanrick Curran has established a set of corporate social media profiles. The Hanrick Curran social media pages are managed and approved by Hanrick Curran.

Hanrick Curran is encouraging all clients and associates to participate in the social media space.

We encourage all our clients and associates to engage with our content but ask that you adhere to our guidelines below.

This document contains the official Hanrick Curran Social Media Policy.

Guidelines for Hanrick Curran

We will strive to have open and honest dialogues with our readers.

We will correct inaccurate or misleading postings about Hanrick Curran in a timely manner.

There are some topics we won't comment on such as information about financials, intellectual property, trade secrets, management changes, lawsuits, shareholder issues, staff changes, and contractual agreements with alliance partners, customers, distributors and suppliers.

We will provide links to relevant material available on ours and other blogs and web sites.

We will disclose any sources fully through credits, links and trackbacks unless the source has requested anonymity.

We will respect intellectual property rights.

We will use good judgment in protecting personal and corporate information and in respecting the privacy of individuals who use our blogs.

Comments will be reviewed by marketing team and our social media consultants before they are posted on our social profiles.

We will review, post and respond to comments in a timely manner. We welcome constructive criticism. We may not respond to every comment but will read all of them.

We will not post comments that are spam, inappropriate, defamatory, use profanity, or otherwise violate our policies.

We will never give a personal opinion that can be construed as judgmental. We will not talk about politics or religion. We will keep all information about the business and the type of information that adds value and is interesting and entertaining.

We will keep all communications positive.

We will never engage a customer’s complaint with an argument. Rather, we will acknowledge their complaint and as quickly as possible, make contact with the customer away from the social media vehicle and handle the problem according to the customer complaint guidelines.

We will engage in conversation with customers and prospective ones. Social media is not a vehicle to sell and sell; instead it exists to communicate, to add value and encourage people to consider purchasing our product.

We will not post or link to any materials that are defamatory, harassing or indecent.

We will always be respectful.

We will not post any confidential or proprietary information about you (staff & distributors) or our customers.

Guidelines for our readers

Respect proprietary information and confidentiality both of our brand, clients and of our internal operations.

When disagreeing with others’ opinions, please be objective and respectful.

Please do not use any vulgar or inflammatory language.

Please do not promote your own organization on our social pages without approval from us directly.