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Accelerate your business with Accelerate Growth Grant

The Queensland Government is continuing to offer Accelerate Growth Grants of up to $10,000 match funded for small businesses to engage business advisers to support business owners to grow, develop further skills and embrace new opportunities.

Round two of the Grant is expected to remain open until mid-June 2018 however is subject to funding availability.  To qualify for the Grant a Queensland business needs to have less than 20 employees, minimum trading history of 3 years, minimum turnover of $500,000 and clearly defined high-growth sales or employment opportunities documented in a business plan.  The Grant is to be applied to fund the engagement of a consultant whose proposal provides advice that supports the business achieving the growth plans over a 6-12 month period.

The grant payments are made directly to the business in two instalments, 50% on approval of the grant and 50% on successful completion of the project.  The business will be prompted by the grants administrator to provide a brief progress report after 3 months and a final survey at the conclusion of the project.

Further details about the Grant is available here and you may preview the application form here.  Applications must include:

  • business plan
  • clearly defined outline of the opportunity and plan for high-growth and employment
  • details of how the services of an adviser/s will assist the business to reach its high-growth and employment plans
  • projected business figures, including declaration of turnover and employee headcount
  • details on how the project will help create jobs in Queensland
  • confirmation of the businesses’ matched financial contribution
  • declaration that the work is not part of the everyday operations of the business.

Hanrick Curran advisers can assist in a wide range of ways to deliver support for businesses to achieve growth.  If you are not sure which areas you need to focus on to build a better business, take our short business improvement survey and then discuss with your Hanrick Curran adviser the better business program that could be funded by the Accelerate Growth Grant.

For further information about Hanrick Curran’s Better Business Program, the Accelerate Growth Grant or request a Business Plan template please speak with your usual Hanrick Curran adviser or Matthew BeasleyNathanael LeeAngela WintonStephen Brake, Robert Pitt or Scott Hutton.


Please note that this publication is intended to provide a general summary and should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal advice.