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Government Grants & Tax Incentives


We understand that innovation of product, process and service is important to retain a competitive edge and also appreciate the capital investment to do this can be substantial.   For this reason, we have consultants who specialise in assisting our clients to access Government Grants and Tax Incentives.  We will not only assist you to access Grants based on activities performed and expenses incurred to date, we will assist you to structure future investments in such a way as to optimise eligibility for future Government funding support.

Request a No Grant, No Fee Review to assess your business’s eligibility to current Grants and Tax Incentives.

More Grant Information

More information on the following Grants can be accessed here:


Client Results:

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The journey I have been on in the last few years has been quite extraordinary, I did not anticipate the investment required to progress my business to where it is today and certainly wouldn’t have made it this far without my advisers at Hanrick Curran.  I have access to specialists who make sure I have the right business structure, stay on track with my strategic plans, remain compliant and keep me out of hot water during the inevitable periods of growing pains.  Importantly, I have access to specialists who guide me through the maze that is involved in maximising access to Tax Incentives and Government Grants that have given me the cashflow to keep the business moving forward.

Tony Hopkins, Managing Director, Silent Shade


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