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Government Grants & Tax Incentives


We understand that innovation of product, process and service is important to retain a competitive edge and also appreciate the capital investment to do this can be substantial.   For this reason, we have consultants who specialise in assisting our clients to access Government Grants and Tax Incentives.  We will not only assist you to access Grants based on activities performed and expenses incurred to date, we will assist you to structure future investments in such a way as to optimise eligibility for future Government funding support.

Request a No Grant, No Fee Review to assess your business’s eligibility to current Grants and Tax Incentives or contact Angela Winton for a specific project enquiry.

More Grant Information

More information on the following Grants can be accessed here:


Client Results:

Funding for growth and new Australian industry


Russell Harding,
Chief Executive Officer,
Indica Industries Pty Ltd

We have the blueprint to make a significant difference to the lives of people who battle debilitating, painful medical conditions on a day to day basis. With Australia’s move to legalise prescribed approved cannabis products for medicinal use, we are developing Australia’s first “seed to dispensed pharmaceutical” indoor climate controlled manufacturing facility, leveraging the operational rigour of our JV partner MedReleaf Corp and will make advances in treatments for a wide range of conditions through controlled clinical trials with our research partners. This is only possible with a strategic $35million capital raising1 program that we decided to discuss with Hanrick Curran. The service and experience we have received from Hanrick Curran since our first meeting was exceptional. The proactivity, commitment and output has surpassed any expectation. I have been impressed by the sheer resourcefulness and positivity to get the job done.

Without Hanrick Curran driving the charge, we would not have been aware of the opportunity to apply for a $10million Federal Grant nor would we have an ESIC Tax Opinion providing our current and future eligible investors’ confidence of ESIC Tax Concessions. Hanrick Curran looked at our business with a different lens, saw synergistic opportunities, and then rolled up their sleeves to make them happen.

Read the full MedReleaf case study here

Commercialising revolutionary concepts with Ignite grant

Peter Riley,
Chief Executive Officer,
Kitsunei Pty Ltd

We are on the cusp of commercialising a platform for launching students to greater heights of STEM learning and entrepreneurial endeavour. The research and proof of concept has been safely wrapped up in a commercialisation strategy following the expert guidance and support of Hanrick Curran. I have been delighted by the engagement, interest and ability to ‘get us’ by my advisers at Hanrick Curran. They have cajoled, directed and supported the path to grant application but in the process have underpinned my confidence to execute what is now a very clear strategy to market. Hanrick Curran aren’t just our Accountants, I consider them business partners important to the future success of the business.

Read the full Kitsunei case study here