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Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce

At Hanrick Curran, we all care about our kids, our friends’ and clients’ kids – in fact, we care about any young people who may be affected by cyber bullying. With cyberbullying becoming more and more prevalent the likelihood of it impacting those we care about is alarming.

Sadly, we have already seen firsthand evidence of the impact cyberbullying can have on children and for this reason Hanrick Curran are committed to making a difference to combat this issue.

We have taken action by hosting Kids Helpline as a charity at our monthly staff morning tea, undertaking various fundraising activities, raising awareness through social activity and by donating to Kids Helpline as part of our corporate giving program.

To continue our commitment, we would like to highlight a government review that is currently underway which aims to develop an anti-cyberbullying framework for Queensland.

The Queensland Government is currently undertaking a review of cyberbullying and how it affects young Queenslanders.  The role of the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce is to develop an anti-cyberbullying framework for Queensland and to advise the Government about programs operating under the framework.

As part of the Taskforce’s work, there are opportunities to attend public forums hosted by the Taskforce in May and June 2018. The forums aim to prevent or reduce cyberbullying and support people affected by cyberbullying.

Further details about the anti-bullying Taskforce and the forum dates can be found via the link below.  In addition, the Taskforce website below provides the ability for you to submit your thoughts and solutions on how to tackle cyberbullying.

If you know anyone suffering from cyberbullying, take the time to ask them “are you ok” and refer them to the various resources available, including at the links below.


Kids Helpline -

Taskforce -

Lifeline -

Youth beyondblue -



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