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download (4)Hanrick Curran is a member of the Alliott Group, a world wide alliance of International Accountants, Lawyers and Consultants. This world wide reach ensures that we can fully support our clients as they expand into international markets. Alliott Group recently interviewed Mark Sheridan, Managing Partner, on the benefits of this alliance.

Why did you decide to join the Alliott Group?

Our first experience with the Alliott Group occurred over 30 years ago. Brisbane, our home base at that stage, felt a little isolated, and away from the places of power in Australia’s economy. Being able to associate ourselves with a network of other firms in Australia and around the world provided us with a means of keeping up to date professionally, and enhancing our ability to service clients as they became involved in a global environment.

How long ago was that?

Our recently retired partner, Ross Barrett, in a previous life had been involved with Alliott in the 70’s. He then merged his practice with a larger firm, and the Alliott’s membership shifted to Hanrick Curran in the early 80’s. Ross subsequently joined Hanrick Curran, so the Alliott association has been a long-standing relationship for many of the partners.

How has membership benefited your firm?

The benefits arising from the Alliott membership are greater now than originally. We have realised that the major benefits arise when we as members put in the effort to attend conferences, participate in discussion groups and actively seek other members support for our clients as they expand. For that reason conference attendance is important as it is so much easier to feel comfortable with potential referees once you have met them face to face.

Which Conference has been the most memorable for you?

The conference in Boston in 2009 was particularly enjoyable, in terms of the content, the people and the location. The advantages of having external presenters during the conference were also a highlight.

What three words would use to describe the Alliott Group?

Friendly, Collegiate, and Responsive

Have you experienced much collaboration with another Alliott Group Members?

Our major interactions with Alliott have been in accessing worldwide contacts, especially in the UK, US, and Singapore, as our clients have expanded their operations. A client’s move into a new business and taxation environment is made smoother when you have a reliable Alliott contact to help guide them in their next business steps. Also within Australia we have developed a much closer relationship with the Sydney office in particular in meetings and exchanging ideas.

Please contact your usual Hanrick Curran Adviser or one of our team if you require assistance in expanding your business across Australia or internationally.


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